James Fountalas has been a restaurateur for 40 years. He worked as a chef for 10+ years, and has managed multiple restaurants for 30 years. If you ask him, he'll tell you that it feels like it all started yesterday. On June 1st, 2000, Jimmy chose to bring his love, passion, and experience here to the Continental House of Pancakes. He instilled a great culture and environment for his employees, and that has translated to the great service and family friendly atmosphere they display on a daily basis. Now, 16+ years later, he is passing down the baton to his three kids; Demo, Pana, and Taki. His kids are dedicated to keeping all the traditions and lessons that Jimmy has taught them, while also building on them with their own ideas and innovations. The family hopes to continue serving the great community of South Holland, and all their beloved patrons that make all of this possible. 


1545 E. 162nd St. 

South Holland, IL, 60473


Mon - Sat: 6am - 4pm

​​Sun: 7am - 4pm


(708) 331-6723


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